Friday, March 2, 2012

Finger Paints: Asylum

Hello everyone! Today I have for your one of the the flakie polishes from Finger Paints! This is my first time trying this one out, which is actually sort of sad since it took me so long to get a hold of it! I walked into Sally's one day and say these on display. I think I was trying to curb my spending on polish at the time so I only grabbed one and told myself I would come back for the others on pay day. I purchased Motley, which is a gorgeous blue-colored flakie. A week or so later I go back into Sally's intending to purchase the rest of the collection, only to find they are all gone. And they weren't just gone from the Sally's closest to me, they were gone from ALL of the Sally's in town. (I'm in a small-ish city in the middle of the United States.)

I figured I would just check back periodically and sooner or later they would get these back in. Fast forward two months and there was still no word on if they would be coming back. I was really bummed because they weren't online anywhere either (that I could find) and it was starting to look like I had completely missed out. All the while I'm reading blog after blog about them and just DROOLING because they were so pretty! Anyway, it was maybe two weeks ago when I walked into my Sally's to see if they had any of the Magnetic China Glaze polishes and I think my eyes about bugged out of my head when I saw a half-full display of these Finger Paints flakies! I managed to grab this one and then did the awkward happy dance because I finally had it! Yay! So...without further ado... pictures!

All of these are two coats of Finger Paints Asylum layered over Julep Viola. Viola is a deep, blacked purple. Not usually my favorite, but it worked great here. I'm not a fan of black or almost black polishes, but I wanted to flakies to stand out, and I don't like straight black much. (Maybe because I was one of the gothy high-school kids and wore black polish regularly then? I don't like the rewind maybe?)

Asylum is a mix of orange and dark blue flakies. This was my favorite of all the flakies offered because it shifts nearly every color of the rainbow depending on the light and your hand position.

I tried to get as much color shift as a could but my camera is really old and terrible. You can see the orange, dark blue, green, and some yellow on my pinkie though!

And a closeup

That's what I had one yesterday. Then, because it really makes the flakies pop, I went ahead and mattified it! Usually I don't like matte, but flakies are one of the exceptions. I used a matte topcoat from Warpaint Beauty, which can be purchased from Hot Topic. (For like $4, which works for me since I don't use matte topcoat often.)

What do you think? Matte or glossy? The other colors of the collection are Flecked, a green flakie; Motley, a blue flakie; Flashy, the orange/red/yellow flakie like Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasures, Essie's Shine of the Times, or Nubar 2010; and Twisted, which is pretty much all the flakie colors. I already have Motley, and I hope to get Flecked and Twisted as well. Flashy is one that you can pass on if you have any of the similar versions I mentioned.

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