Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spoiled: Designated Driver

I've noticed a lot of bloggers don't seem to like yellow much. I'm not sure if it's the color or the applications that causes this dislike. I happen to LOVE yellow. It's such a cheerful color that I always like to wear it when I'm feeling down. (Or just whenever! haha) My local CVS finally put up a display of the Spoiled polishes so I grabbed one. Today I have Designated Driver to show you. 

I think it's more of an orange-yellow color than just a straight yellow, but I loved it! I thought application was flawless. All the pictures below are three coats and anyone who is good an applying polish could probably get away with two. (I'm NOT good at it, so I usually need to do an extra coat to even out my shoddy application.)

Anyway, pictures!

As I said, it's a orangey-yellow creme polish. Maybe a smidge more orange in person. I really liked the brush. I have a lot of issue with the super wide brushes like on Sally Hansen polishes. My pinky is such a thin nail that the brush always gets polish ALL OVER my skin too, no matter how careful I am. This brush, and other Wet n Wild polish brushes seem similar, but thin enough that I can get my pinky covered in a single swipe without getting my finger messy too. Since these are $1.99 at my CVS, I will probably be picking up more! I also grabbed one of the few box sets of Color Club polishes that our Walgreens sells since they were one on sale! Those will be coming up too. Lots of fun colors. Yay!

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