Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Orly Nail Rescue

Well, I guess this will be my first official review of a product! Bear with me since I've never done this before. 

(Disclaimer! I JUST took off my last mani so my hands look dry and gross. And the mani was red so yeah...  Sorry!)

I have thin, brittle, peeling nails. To this day I envy my mother because she uses her as tools, chews on them, and over all just doesn't do anything to CARE for them.... and she could easily grow talons. -_- So, my nails are a rather prideful area of mine since they take work to keep up. You can imagine my dismay when I found a small crack on the side of my right thumb. It was really small so I didn't worry. I usually just paint over them (so I don't have the urge to pick at it) and wait for it to grow out. Well. This one didn't want to stay small. Today it turned into THIS monster:

(Yikes! Again, sorry for zombie hands.)

Horrible right? My nails do not love me for Valentine's Day, do they? I was pretty panicked for a moment since it's below my nail line. Ouch! Then, I remembered reading Sarah from Chalkboard Nails post about Orly Nail Rescue! I was out to Sally's in a snap! (She has a pretty good step-by-step for a much nastier dent, if you want to look at that HERE!) 

The Orly Nail Rescue kit is $7.99USD at Sally's. It comes with a bottle of nail glue, a pot of nail powder, and a small buffing file. You brush the glue over your nail (the whole thing or just the damaged area is up to you), quickly dip your nail into the powder, let it dry, and then buff it down so it's even with the rest of your nail.

This is my after picture. You can see that the crack is still there, but you can't lift that portion of the nail up any more! Yay!

(I didn't bother as much with making it look pretty.)

It was super easy to use. One major thing to note though is that this DOES come off with Acetone so you'd either want to not paint your nails until the damage grows out or use non-acetone remover. I'm going to look funny until the end of the week (payday!) with my unpainted thumbnail! 

Anyway, to sum everything up, this is a product I would DEFINITELY  recommend to any nail friends! It was a life saver for me! (Well...not really, but I didn't have to be sad at the idea of a little nubbin-nail on my hand!)

P.S. If anyone reads this and happens to have some tips on dealing with thin, brittle, peeling nails, let me know! Between nail treatments, base coats, cuticle oil, and lotion I'm at a loss. Hah, or I just have truly terrible nails. 

(This product was purchased by me.)

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