Thursday, February 2, 2012

Icing: Mood Swing Stormy/Serene

I have finally gotten a decent camera! Maybe I can start getting more pictures on here now.

The other day I stopped by Icing to pick up some of their magnetix polishes. I don't live close to a retailer that carries any of the other brands and these seem to be the most cost effective, plus they had a decent magnet. Anyway, while I was there I grabbed a bottle of their color-changing polish! It looked like it might be a duo-chromeish purple/blue color (which I LOVE) plus I don't yet have a color-changing polish. On the nail it isn't really a duochrome, but that's okay because it is GORGEOUS. I can't get it to change colors yet, so it's sitting at almost a teal shimmery blue with maybe a HINT of purple to it. I'm thinking it turns more of a pure blue when it's warm? I guess I'll find out. (Hopefully!) Anyway, here are the pictures!

I don't know if I should be sorry for my cuticles or not. Haha. I didn't do much cleanup though. I can't find my usual brush for that. :/

And a closeup for the shimmers!

These actually dried with a matte finish. It is pretty, but I don't really like the matte look a whole lot unless I am in a mood so I didn't take any pictures of it. I'm using Orly Sec'n Dry for the top coat here.

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