Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finger Paints Lemon Sour (And I owe my camera an apology)

So, I looked back and my camera is about 6 years old. I got it in 2005 so it's probably about time for a new one anyway, buuuut it wasn't what was turning my hands purple!

I got bored today and decided to finally make a light box. It is ugly and really badly constructed, but it work! (Long tutorial short: get a box, cut out the sides but leave a slight edge, then cover the holes with tissue paper and shine a light from the top, or side.) Haha. So, I thought I would use the same color polish I was wearing when I was complaining about my camera. Finger Paints Lemon Sour. I'm a sucker for yellows so I had to pick this up. (Side note: from their Gumdrops & Lollipops collection. Sucker. Har har. Ok.... anyway.) As it turns out it really isn't my favorite. I like the idea of the color. I really, REALLY do. Unfortunately, my hands don't like it as much. I think, looking again, that the awkward purple/red is noticeable even when I'm not taking a picture of my hands. Sad. :( Usually I don't care, but the color didn't really pop at me either so this probably isn't a color I'll be wearing much, if at all.

How does the light box look? I'm pretty thrilled. I'll have to try it with some other colors to see how they look. (I'm using this as a comparison from last post, which was taken in front of my computer while I was sitting on my bed.)

Like I said, I want to love the color, but it really does look terrible on me. That said, application was only so-so. The formula on this was thick and gloopy for me. It didn't want to flow over my nail well, so I had obvious glumpy lines and when I tried to smooth them out I got attacked by air bubbles. They aren't in this picture because I put a top coat on almost immediately, but only on this hand. My other hand is air-bubble city. I put a little thinner into the polish and that seemed to help with the actual application.

P.S. My baby, Ophelia, was very against the idea of using this box for my lighting needs. I set it on the ground and she just hopped right in and didn't want to move!

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