Sunday, September 30, 2012

Butter London: Knackered

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m not sure I’m ready to start the week yet. I was pretty excited to learn the other day that we just opened an Ulta in my town. I have to get a lot of my polish off the internet unless I find time to make a specific trip. The closest Sephora that carries polish is an hour away… in fact, pretty much everything is an hour away. It’s a bit of a bummer since I rarely want to pay shipping when SOME DAY I’ll make it out to get the polish in person!

Anyway, I hurried down to Ulta ASAP to check it out! (And tried not to look crazy because I was soooo excited!) I picked up Orly Space Cadet, a few of the new Sally Hansen  polishes that have been floating around, and Butter London: Knackered.

I was SOOOOO thrilled to get my hands on a bottle of Knackered. I’d seen pictures floating around, and every time I would think meh. It’s not THAT great. (And thus put off buying it…) After getting a bottle, let me just tell you, it IS that great. It really is. Knackered is this gorgeous duo-chrome polish that is sprinkled with holographic glitter bits. It’s really sheer on its own, although I think you could build it up if you wanted to. I don’t have the patience for that so I layered it over Julep Viola—a deep, black-purple.

My pictures are a little off, and I don't have the editing skills to fix them, but this polish has an unmistakable purple-pink shine. My camera wants to make it grey. 

This is going to be really picture heavy because none of these images could do the polish justice. 

One of the things that keeps putting me off is how picky I am about visible brush strokes. I really, REALLY don't like them. A lot of the swatches I saw had what looked like extremely visible brush strokes! In reality, you can't see the strokes much. They are there if you look super close, but the holo seems to do a lot to cover them up. I don't think I would like this polish much at all if it weren't for that holographic sparkle. It morphs the entire polish from something mostly ordinary, to absolutely stunning. 

I get reminded of galaxy nails.. minus the work! Probably not color accurate, but  it's so dreamy!
Some blurry pics to try and show the holograph shimmer. It is ridiculous in person. I can't stop looking at my nails and watching the shimmer!

Here is the sheer part of Knackered at one coat. 

One coat of Knackered over plain black


Mmmmm. Pretty! If you ever find your self wondering about Knackered, seriously just go buy a bottle. You won't be sorry. Promise!

*****Disclaimer: all polish in this post was purchased by me


  1. Ooo gorgeous! So excited that you now have an Ulta! :)

    1. I went back a few days later! I decided I needed a backup bottle of this color and they are having opening sales! Eep! Haha (I'm so not used to replying to comments that I keep doing it wrong! >_< haha)

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