Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lime Crime: Les Desserts d'Antoinette Nail Polish Collection

Whew! That's a mouthful. Today I have for you four of the seven shades from the Les Desserts d'Antoinette Nail Polish collection by Lime Crimee. These polishes are all pastel colors. I'll admit, my sole reason for purchasing these initially was the Lime Crime logo. I love unicorns! Turns out, though, that these polishes are fantastic!

The four I have for your today are Milky Ways, a lovely dirty-white color; Pastelchio, a pastel yet very bright limey-green; Lavendairy, a wonderful violet; and Peaches and Cream, a bright, pastel orange. The collection also has a blue, a yellow, and a pink. 

First, Milky Ways, as mentioned, is a dirty, off-white. I don't like straight white much so this color is a nice changes. It's white but with a slightly beige tinge to it. 

For this last picture, I added a coat of White on White by China Glaze so you could see the color difference of Milky Ways when compared to a stark white. I really does remind me of like the nuggat filling of a candy bar, don't you think?

Next I have Pastelchio. LOVE the name on this one! Pastelchio is one of the reasons I fell in love with this collection. It's a pastel, there is no question, but it's not chalky and somehow it still manages to be amazingly bright without being a neon. Amazing! 

Very much like Pastelcho, Peaches and Cream manages to be both pastel yet very, very bright. This is my favorite orange polish out of my entire collection. The label actually has a little heart symbol instead of "and" but I can't type it here. My blogger goes all nuts with the text coding. :( 

Finally, I have Lavendairy. Again, I love the name! This polish I definitely had to debate on. I don't like pink and all the swatches I'd seen had this one leaning a little more pink and a little less lavender, regardless of the name. I finally decided to buy it when I decided I was just getting the entire collection anyway, and fortunately  this polish is indeed purple! I think my picture is really REALLY trying to lean blue, but isn't quite making it. While this might tread the line between purple and pink (much like I imagine most pastel purples would) the color is gorgeous enough that it doesn't matter and the application was flawless.

The coverage on these were all fantastic! Each swatch is three coats although I think if one was more careful than I was, two would be okay. I got these in two different sets at two different times. Pastelchio and Peaches and Cream were a little thick and tended to leave polish ridges if I wasn't careful in my application. I added polish thinner to both to make them easier to work with. Lavendairy and Milky Ways, on the other hand, had no issues at all! The polish was smooth and easy to work with. In the end though, the formula definitely doesn't make me change my mind about these polishes!

I would recommend these to anyone who likes pastel polish or bright colors. I can't wait to get my hand on the yellow in the collection! I love yellows (even though my skin tone doesn't) but sometimes putting on yellow polish is more hassle than it's worth. If that polish is anything like these though, then that won't be an issue at all! 

Finally, as a sidenote, I just got a new addition to my family! This is Juneau and she is an absolute sweetheart! She is 4 months old and only has two modes right now: sleep and play. (On or off. haha)

****Disclaimer: all polish in this post was purchased by me.

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