Saturday, October 27, 2012

OPI: Barre My Soul

You know, if someone had told me when this collection came out that it would be one of my favorites I would have told them they were delusional. Really, what could be so awesome about a bunch of delicate nail polish colors, other than the fact that they're jelly finish polishes??

Of course, the entire Soft Shades Ballet collection is AMAZING! I can't explain why I like them so much, but I do, and I have them all. Today I've got some swatches of Barre My Soul. This polish is a pinkish-beige color. It's not PINK exactly, but there is a pink tinge to it that doesn't make it a solid beige/tan. It looks pinker in my pictures but if you compare it to the actual pink in the collection, You Callin Me a Lyre?, the difference is obvious.

All the polishes in this collection are very sheer. This is 4 coats and you can still see visible nail line. Fortunately the dry time on this is very quick. I think if you REALLY wanted it to be opaque you could add one or two more coats, but I have also seen some swatches where it looks opaque in as little as 3.

Last one just because of the different tone. It makes the polish a little more pink, as mentioned above. 

I really, REALLY like this polish! No clue why! I should hate it just because it seems so... girly? I've never been one for pinks or dainty/delicate things but I just love this polish. If I had to rank the top 5 polishes in my collection by number of times worn this is probably #2. 

This polish is part of OPI's Ballet Soft Shades Collection seems to be pretty standard at any beauty supply store that stocks OPI polish. 

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  1. Wow, this is sooo pretty! I'd love to see it in some jelly sandwiches!