Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orly: Glowstick

Ah! I just typed up an entire posts and it got deleted! At least it wasn't terribly long so I can retype it easily. :)

Hello everyone! It's been such a long time. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post recently! As a quick update before getting on to the polish, I am loving my new job. I'm finally used to the schedule, although that will be changing soon. In other exciting news, I am house-sitting for a friend of mine while she is spending a few months working in a different state. It's been fantastic!  I'm taking care of her cats, mostly, but as someone who likes her "me" time, the solitude has been refreshing. The only drawback I come up with is that the lighting here isn't very good. Out off all the rooms, only the kitchen, the bathroom, and a back room used for storage have overhead lighting. All the other rooms are lit by table lamps, so along with finding time to take pictures, being able to get decent ones has been rough! I'm hoping to get a cheap table lamp soon so I can use that.

Today I have a polish for you from Orly's Feel the Vibe collection for Summer 2012. One thing I am learning I love about summer is all the neon polishes that come out. I am a sucker for neons! This polish is called Glowstick and is the classic highlighter yellow. This polish is BRIGHT! I need to swatch it on a nail wheel next to my other wheels to compare them, but this one might as well just glow! (Haha, GLOWstick. I think I need to go to bed soon.!) The formula was also great for a neon. It is on the sheer side and is prone to streaking, but not as badly as some of my other neon colors. It also isn't as sheer. The dry time was very quick and the polish went where I wanted it to. It didn't pool in my cuticles or get all over my skin.

I'm so sorry I only have one picture of this, and that the quality is so poor. I only have access to the camera on my phone. It's a good camera, but not for this! (And the cat just needed to get her tail in the picture! That's Bella in the background.)

Ahh, I don't recommend clicking the picture. I think it's probably huge since I didn't get to edit it! I've also noticed a pickup in the number of views. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

It's my birthday tomorrow so I'm going to have an awesome, super bright day! (And I get to sleep in... I'm exited about that!)

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