Sunday, May 6, 2012

Orly Glowstick - Take Two!

Wow. So that last post should teach me to never swatch/post as an alternative to sleeping. I just pulled up my computer and that picture from my phone is absolutely TERRIBLE! It's not color accurate at all.

I managed to fish out a working camera that I used, and took some pictures in shade/natural light. I don't have the skills to manually edit and color correct photos in Photoshop or another graphics program, so I relied on some comparison shots to try and bring across the true color of this polish. Everything from the last post is still the same when it comes to formula and all that, but here are some WAY better pictures!

As you can see, my camera is just wanting to pick up on the fact that this polish is yellow. In reality this polish really does glow. (Not in the dark, although that would be pretty neat!) Looking at my hands, I'm reminding of being in middle school and coloring on my fingernails with markers, or a highlighter in this case! I hope I wasn't the only one to do that? Haha ^_^ But you can see how yellow this polish is, right? The picture in the last post looks pastel, almost, and this polish is so far away from pastel! 

To try and show how yellow and neon it is, I took some pictures next to Fingerpaints Lemon Sour. It has it's own set of swatches here if you want to compare side-by-side swatches.

Lemon Sour is a very pastel/muted yellow. It's not canary yellow, but you can see how bright Glowstick is when they are placed next to each other! Glowstick is SOOOOOO colorful! 

Since I don't know how you got to my blog, this is the link to my first attempt at posting this color. I'm not taking it down because I had to type it up twice! So now it will stay up on principle... or something like that. haha

Anyway, longer post than I thought. Oops! I'm planning on relaxing all day today. It's my weekend and today is my birthday! Movies + Polish + Coffee + Cats sounds like bliss.

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