Friday, November 16, 2012

Sensationail Wear Test Results!

Good afternoon! I'm back with the end of my wear test for the Sensationail brand of gel nail polish! Here is the original post for reference. I realized after about a day that keeping the same color on my nails, whether I had time to do them or not, was difficult! (Addict, anyone??? Haha!) But I really wanted to see how long this polish would last so I stuck it out until my first chip.

I painted my nails 11/6 and didn't have a single chip until today 11/11. While 5 days may seem to fall short of the advertised two weeks on the box, for someone as hard on their nails as I am, that is INCREDIBLE! The polish lasted through showers, play sessions with the kitten, room cleaning, work... I'm impressed. Before taking them off, all I had was that small chip on my left-hand middle finger and a medium sized chip on my right-hand ring finger.

This was originally just the bit on the right... but it got caught on my hair right before the picture and that ripped off the part on the left. Oops!

As you can see, there is almost not tip wear either! Awesome! I'll probably do this again when I have to go a few days without doing my nails!

There is also a special removal kit you can purchase and a removal tool, but I passed on both of those. The kit is just a glorified version of the foil method! And I used an orange stick to gently scrape off the polish after it soaked. It took me a little longer than normal because I didn't have any foil handy so I just held an acetone-saturated cotton ball over my fingers. I had to do them one by one, so yeah.... took awhile. But if I had to estimate, this could probably be done in 10-20 minutes with foil. (If you aren't familiar with the foil method for removing glitter, here is a quick tutorial: the foil method.) Just soak, then scrape the polish right off. If any is stubborn just soak a bit more.

I would recommend this product. It's on the expensive side, but once you get the lamp, really it's just the polish and there isn't a huge selection... that's if you even want to use the gel polish. You could always use normal polish with the base and top coat to extend its wear! ^_^

That's all for now! I'm trying to get a picture inventory going so I can post more regularly! Hope you all enjoy your weekend! As a bonus, my baby is growing so fast! She's a little rascal. Likes looking out the window though!

Juneau - 5 months


****Disclaimer: all products in this post were purchased by me****

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