Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nicole by OPI: Me + Blue

I'm going to start this post out by letting any blue lovers know that you might want to grab a kleenex or paper towel or something since this polish I have for today is guaranteed to make you drool! I don't usually like blue, but this polish has ME drooling! You've been warned!

I was at TJ Maxx the other day and grabbed one of their two packs of Nicole by OPI polish. I thought this looked pretty in the bottle, but I actually got it for the other color... which I will be posting soon and turned out to be a total let down. :(  Anyway, this is Me + Blue. It is a fine glitter polish in a blue base. It's not a shimmer, but it's not a pure glitter either. It's somewhere in the middle of a standard shimmer polish and say...  polishes like China Glaze's Glistening Snow from their Holiday Collection. Then, among all the already gorgeous glitter are holographic bits of glitter that give this polish a pop when ANY light hits it. I mean ANY. On the drive home from work tonight I could see the holo sparkle as I passes under streetlights. *drooooool*  

All of my pictures are with 3 coats that would have been easy if the brush hadn't been so terrible. I hate the wide brushes because my nails are narrow so the polish gets EVERYWHERE. Blerg! Anyway, 3 coats. There are a lot of pictures in this post and a included a few pre-topcoat to show the matte-glitter finish, so the pics are all under the cut so your poor browser doesn't spaz! I've noted if there is or is not topcoat being used For the topcoat pictures I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of NYC In a New York Minute.  Now.... blue/glitter/holo lovers, get your drool-wiping cloths ready before you click "read more."

These are all with no topcoat. Sorry about my hand color in some of them. No idea what my camera was doing! Any of the pictures can be enlarged for more detail. Focus on my ring finger though. My camera likes to make that the in-focus finger while all the others are different amounts of blurry. I'd blame the camera, but I'm pretty sure I'm just a bad photographer! XD

And now.... with topcoat. Brace yourselves.

Here is the holo glitter:

And the final picture. *drum roll*

Click on it Make it bigger. I dare you.

Oh. My. God. I just.... a;sjfsdf;sa'sdjfsdljf 

I don't even LIKE blue. Haha. How awesomely unfair! Whelp, I hope you enjoyed the post. I spent a day swatching so I actually have some posts lined up so expect those in the coming days! Good night, and have a happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US! (This includes me.) 


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