Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quick NOTD featuring Lime Crime's Milky Ways!

Hey guys! How are you all? Good, I hope! I'm still in my wrist brace but my thumb has improved enough that I managed a super simple dot mani! These are from my phone so sorry if the quality is bad.... and my cuticles are bad. Haha, but I think I get some slack there under the circumstances!

Dunno where the image will be since I'm on my phone! I used Milky Ways by Lime Crime for my base. The purple dots are Loreal Paparazzi Pleaser, the blue are Illamasqua Muse, and the gold is Revlon Gold Coin. I was inspired by another mani I saw but I'll have to update this later with where it was from!

That's all for now! I'm to get some swatches done next weekend if my wrist keeps improving! Goodnight everyone and thanks for stopping by!

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