Monday, June 4, 2012

Girly Bits: Street Magic

I have a beauty for you all today! I managed to get my hands on a mini of Street Magic when the Girly Bits store did their last restock. I was hoping to get Shift Happens (like a lot of others, I bet!) but it was sold out by the time I was able to place an order. I'll try again next time, but until then this gorgeous polish will hold me over!

Not a lot of words for this one. It's soooo PRETTY! I chose to layer it over a dark green polish today and love the way it turned out! This flashes from gold to green to blue to bronze depending on how the light hits. My camera didn't want to capture anything other than the gold, for the most part, but I tried. This is really one you do need to see in person! It's worth it!

(Direct lamp light - Indoors)

(Lightbox. This didn't work well. I was hoping to get some of the other colors.)

And the beauty of them all (for me anyway):

(Direct Lamplight - Indoors)

Aren't you just drooling? I took a ton of pictures of this but all of them either ended up blurry or only half my nails were in focus! Oh well. You can catch a little more of the green shimmer here.

You can pick up Girly Bits polishes at her store or at Llarowe. You can also check out her BLOG to keep up-to-date on restock status.... or look at all the pretty pictures! 

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